Dear Friend of the NBEX: 


I am reaching out for your assistance and support.  I know that you are busy, but the NBEX needs your help today. The city of Fredericton wants to move the exhibition grounds which could lead to the end of the annual exhibition.


The annual New Brunswick Provincial Exhibition has been a long-standing tradition in Fredericton. Every year the exhibition is responsible for bringing many laughs, smiles, occasionally tears, but most importantly memories to the more than 500,000 visitors and exhibitors that make their way to the exhibition grounds each year.


Next year's exhibition marks the 191th anniversary of the NBEX. The exhibition grounds have seen many changes recently, and we enjoy seeing the faces of our returning visitors as well as all the new ones. At one time activities on the property consisted primarily for holding the annual exhibition. Today visitors come to the facility for Ribfest, craft shows to car shows, monster trucks to draft horses, and a variety of concerts and entertainment for all ages. 


Our role in the community is bigger than simply a venue to thousands of visitors.  Each year more than 40 charities, service clubs and other non-profit organizations benefit from the support we provide to their fund raising efforts. To that end, the NBEX donates and subsidizes thousands of hours each year to activities in our city and province. It feels fantastic to see these efforts enjoyed by so many people! 


If you're the kind of person who likes working with very effective volunteers to make huge improvements in our communities, then consider sharing your talents with the NBEX. Let's

work together!


Please join me in making sure that Ag Society #34 continues the direction it is taking the exhibition. Help us educate the Fredericton city Council that the value to our community is measured in experiences and memories, not simply dollar signs. Whether you are interested in volunteering, sitting on a committee or simply showing support, it all starts with becoming a member. Membership costs only twenty dollars a year and the level of your involvement depends on your own interests and availability. We encourage all members to become involved - whether it's through our event meetings, various events, or with one of our many committees. 


ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FOR 2018 is $20 & closes DEC 31