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Applicant Information


10' minimum

Food Ventor:  Outdoor

Please Contact the Office

Commercial Space:  Outdoor

$500 / 10ft + HST

Power Required?

Vendors are required to supply their own extension cords

Due to space restrictions, there is no exhibitor parking on the Ribfest grounds. There is limited number of spaces available for parking behind the exhibit buildings. NO BEVERAGES, WATER NOR POP ARE PERMITTED FOR RESALE. All products and brands BEING OFFERED FOR SALE MUST be pre-approved by RIBFEST organizers, as any brands that conflict with sponsors may be denied.

Keep in mind this is a “Summer event”, and vendors should offer seasonally appropriate products, Over 70,000 
people are expected to attend the Premiere Ribfest in Atlantic Canada.

  1. RIBFEST organizers have the sole authority to deny entrance to the facility to vendors arriving for move-in for any reason, including lack of space due to exceeded building capacity. Entries denied access to the building will be refunded any monies paid to the RIBFEST organizers

  2. The RIBFEST organizers shall have final authority to determine location of entries and displays & to limit size and contents of display.

  3. Once the vendor's display is set up, they shall not be removed or concealed by the vendor prior to the close of the RIBFEST without permission from the RIBFEST organizers.

  4. Neither the RIBFEST organizers, nor any officer, director or employee of the Fredericton Exhibition Limited shall be responsible for any loss or damage to all or any part of the exhibitors display, and the exhibitor shall and does hereby waive any and all rights he/she may have against them or any of them for such loss or damage.

  5. Insurance Requirements:

    1. Bodily Injury & Property Damage: $5,000,000 any one occurrence

    2. Products and completed Operations Aggregate: $5,000,000

    3. Personal Injury and Advertising Liability: $2,000,000

    4. Medical Payments – Per person: $2,500, Per Accident: $2,500

    5. Tenant’s legal Liability: $5,000,000

    6. Incidental Medical malpractice Liability: $5,000,000

    7. Non-owned Automobile Liability: $2,000,000

    8. SEF 94- Legal liability for Damage to non-owned Autos: $50,000

$100 Deposit required by March 30th, 2023.  Balance Due May 15th, 2023

Thank you!
Your application has been submitted.

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