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RCMP Musical Ride

Fredericton Exhibition Limited, is proud to present the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride. A Canadian tradition since 1876, a troop of 32 scarlet coated “Mounties” on majestic black horses present a 30 minute show of intricate figures and cavalry drills choreographed to music.

Take advantage of this truly Canadian experience and see one of our national treasures perform live at the Fredericton Exhibition.

Pick a show and secure your tickets today!

   Adults $16     Children $8   

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The first recorded public display of the Musical Ride was in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1901.

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The Musical Ride was developed in 1876 by early members of the North-West Mounted Police to display their riding abilities and entertain local communities.

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This year, the Musical Ride is touring across Canada in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

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